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Park Map

South Lexington Youth Baseball Map

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Sponsorship Information

South Lexington Youth Baseball has a long tradition of baseball dating back to its founding in 1956. Since that time, SLYB has experienced tremendous growth with over 750 boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 12, now playing in four divisions on four fields during this past Spring Season. Our 2013 Fall Season had approximately 450 players at our fields at Shillito Park, just behind Fayette Mall. Including practice time, our baseball seasons run from March through late October.

Our league includes kids from not only southern Fayette County, but also portions of Jessamine County.

SLYB’s success can be attributed to the commitment of providing all players with a positive environment in which to learn and develop their skills.  In addition to teaching the skills of the game, SLYB is committed to instilling in each child the qualities of dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship which transcend beyond the playing field.  Our team of skilled and dedicated managers, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors provide the foundation for this commitment.

SLYB is very proud of the fact that this past Fall, two of our All-Star teams competed in the Cal Ripken World Series for their respective age groups.  Our 10-year old All-Star team was the runner-up in their tournament, while the 12-year old All-Star team made it to the Final Four of their tournament.

City budget cuts over the past few years have eliminated the funding for field maintenance, and now SLYB is responsible for funding the entire yearly cost.  As an entirely volunteer organization, we are in need of sponsors for many of the teams and general sponsors for the league.  We would like to ask for your support of SLYB and its boys and girls for the 2014 season.  Sponsorship opportunities range from $1,500 Corporate Partners to as little as $300 to sponsor one of our Rookie League or Tee-Ball teams.

Your sponsorship will span all seasons during the 2014 year.  Sponsorship banners will be displayed at the park throughout the Spring, Fall, and Summer Seasons (March/April through October).

We do hope that this is something you will consider.  I can provide you with further details or discuss custom marketing promotions for your organization.  Thanks for your consideration in making a difference in the lives of the children at our park!


Jeff Zinger, VP of Sponsorhips

Click on link to get the full document in PDF format:  SLYB 2014 Sponsorship Proposal

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Physical & Verbal Altercation Policy

Physical & Verbal Altercation Policy

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2014 Board of Directors

2014 Board of Directors

President: Stephen Day
Vice President: Dale Hamlin
Player-Agent: Jarrett Ensley
Secretary: Bryan Smith
Treasurer: Chuck Hord
VP Concession: Theresa McFarland
VP Equipment: Brandon Jones
VP Maintenance: TJ Milburn
VP Communications: Carlos Torres
VP Sponsors: Jeff Zinger
VP Umpires: Bret Cavins
VP Minor League: David Mudd
VP Rookie League: Greg Vance
VP T-Ball League: Rob Owens
Manager – Astros: Keith Gadd
Manager – Athletics: Peter McFarland
Manager – Braves: Jonathan Duncan
Manager – Cardinals: Donnie Warner
Manager – Cubs: Tom Knopp
Manager – Orioles: Chris Dove
Manager – Pirates: Kevin Payne
Manager – Reds: Jimmy Grange
Manager – Royals: Danny Johnson
Manager – White Sox: Carl Peel

Rules of Operation

Current Rules of Operation:


SLYB By-Laws

The Current Version of the SLYB By-laws is 2006.



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Major League


MAJOR:  The most experienced level of Cal Ripken Baseball.  For 9-12 year old players, this division is played under the Official Baseball Rules, but implements some special rules as necessary for the development and welfare of the young age group.  The six-inning game is played on a 60-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 46 feet.  Placement on a Major team is through a tryout and player draft.

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Minor League


MINOR:  This division, for 9-12 year old players, is designed to assist players with the continued development and refining of their fundamental skills while they begin to understand game strategy.

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